Beat Stress Before It Beats You!

The long upcoming holiday season (thank god for the holidays) can be very stressful for some of us.  The combination of increased social activities, demands on time by family, lots of expenses and of course all the partying and drinking and eating can lead to a lot of stress.  Here are some ways to beat stress before it beats YOU!

1. Make exercise your top priority.  If you put exercise first, your “to do” list won’t seem so daunting and you’ll have to energy to finish anything you start.

2. Keep lots of easy-to-eat fruits and vegetables on hand.  And restrict ready access to processed foods so you won’t reach for them during peak stress times. Try and go easy on the unhealthy and sweet stuff - agreed that it tastes great, but leaves behind too many traces.

3. Drink water or green tea instead of caffeinated products.  Rely on the natural cleansing properties of water and green tea rather than the short-term, less healthy artificial fix of stimulants.  You’ll think more clearly and stay more focused. Add a few healthy options on the bar counter for yourself and the family.

4. Journal your daily stresses.  Find out what your stress triggers are so you can reduce or eliminate them altogether.  Just by writing about it, you can become more aware and able to remedy a stressful situation.

So—try incorporating these simple stress-beating strategies into your life, and knock out stress before it knocks you out. Happy holidays!!

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