How to Be Non-Judgmental

Came across this wonderful article and thought it would be good to share;

""" Tears. Shame. Disbelief. Embarrassment. Pain. Sadness. Judgment.

I spent over ten years working with victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. The emotions I listed above, were just some of the many feelings victims had to deal with every day. In addition to dealing with all of these emotions, a lot of the women I worked with told me they felt judged by society, friends, and family members.

They would hear things like:

Why did you stay with him? Why didn’t you leave? Why were you out so late? Why didn’t you wear something more conservative?

Why indeed? Why would anyone in their right mind ask a victim of violence any of those questions? The questions are full of blame. It’s no wonder victims of violence feel so judged by society, friends, and family members.

Read the full article here.

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