Product Categories within AaramShop

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There are 31 Product Categories in AaramShop. Almost all CPG products and brands would be represented within these. The Product Categories are as under;
Water & Beverages
Biscuits & Cookies
Breads, Crackers & Bakery
Cereals & breakfast
Coffee, Tea & Cocoa
Masalas, Spices & Sauces
Sweets & Chocolates
Milk & dairy products
Cooking oils & Vinegar
Ready to cook meals
Misc food items & additives
Rice, Atta, Lentils & Dals
Health Drinks
Pickles & Jams
Dry fruits & Nuts
Baby & Child Care Products
Household & Cleaning
Laundry Supplies
Antiperspirant & Deodorant
Body Lotions & Sunscreen
Face Cleanser & Moisturizer
Oral Care
Hair Care & Styling Aids
Soaps & Sanitizer
Shaving Products
Feminine Needs
Beauty Products
Pet foods and products

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