Causes of anxiety attacks in families

You don't choose your family. They are God's gift to you, as you are to them. ~Desmond Tutu

When certain events happen do you automatically turn red and your pulse quicken? Do you become angry or frightened? This could be an anxiety attack. Other symptoms of anxiety may be back pain, tension, or an allergic reaction. Facing undesirable circumstances is inevitable within every family. The problem could be between family members or a dreaded event where things did not go well in the past. Even visual objects can bring out the symptoms of a mild panic attack. The impact is usually felt accross the whole family.

Causes of anxiety attacks can come from many sources. It is often triggered by past experiences that may have been tramatic or threatening. This disorder is known as specific phobia anxiety and it often begins with a child perceiving a normal situation to be awkward or unpleasant. When those negative experience resurface, fear or worry will be the first response. Each family member will probably respond differently depending on the situation or object involved.

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