How do you locate an AaramShop which services your area?

The process is quite simple really and you have a few options to work on. On the home page visit the "Locate an AaramShop" and choose the city where you need the service. You are then presented with 4 options which can help you zero in on your "Preferred AaramShop".
  1. You can use Google Maps application to zoom into your locality and view the AaramShops which service the area and select your preferred AaramShop.
  2. If you are aware of the name of your preferred AaramShop, just key it in and select your AaramShop - please note that the generic name is not always accurate, it might be better to use the unique code that every AaramShop has.
  3. You can also key in your pincode / zipcode to shortlist all the AaramShops which service the specific area and then select the one that you want.
  4. You can also just key in the name of the locality which you are in and you will get a short list of AaramShops which service your area, allowing you to zero in on your preference.

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