Running on Empty? How to Recognize When You're on the Road to Burnout

Let's face it. I have a pretty cool job. I'm a psychologist who works with high-achieving women, women who are highly ambitious, extraordinarily talented, and amazingly creative, women who inevitably teach me as much as I teach them. And when I'm not working with high octane women, I'm writing about them. What's not to love?

But if I had to say the one thing that is the most challenging about working with high octane women is that they're often traveling along the road of life at such a high speed, they don't always see the big curve up ahead (even when I'm standing there waving a huge caution flag). Of course, the curve might be close or it might be far off in the distance. But inevitably it's there, and unless they anticipate it, unless they're prepared for it, it can send them spinning out of control. I'm, of course, talking about burnout.

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