Stress Management Tips

Stress ManagementImage by trazomfreak via Flickr
We experience a variety of small environmental stresses, job stresses and relationship stresses every day. Mainly, these stresses range from the frustrations of commuting to badly organized workspaces, poor ergonomics, un-cooperative colleagues, and numerous others. While these are small things, they can all add up to make life more stressful - we call this "background stress". Therefore, when our stress becomes too much that it affects us deeply and/or negatively, we are referring about distress.

After numerous research, scientist believe that stress increases many kinds of cancers, one of the most prominent is breast cancer risk. For me, I believe, that stress increases all risks including family scandal, coronary disease and job loss. In fact, you have a lot more control on your stress level than you might have thought. Just by staying in simple realization that you are in control of your life is the foundation of stress management. Simply concentrate on what makes you feel calm, serene and in control. The most important way to control and manage stress effectively is when we approach it with a clear, calm and positive mind.

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