Green Shopping with Aaram thrown in.

There are many reasons that we can think of why you as a consumer should use AaramShop and not least amongst them is the sheer convenience it brings to you and the stress that it takes away from you.

However, there are two specific reasons (read causes) that we think are important to highlight – causes that you support every time you do your buying on AaramShop.

One of the causes that you support is that of “GREEN SHOPPING”, by cutting back on your car drives to and from the market or mall.

Think about it with all sobriety – how many long car drives are you cutting down on by the end of the year. Every time you car stays parked – you are doing everyone a favor. To figure out how much of your carbon footprint you would have reduced use this calculator.

We would additionally request you to instruct your Preferred AaramShop not to use non-plastic delivery bags when he delivers to your home.

We know it is not going to do wonders in the short-term, but then you have made a little difference. And it’s good to remember that every little difference adds up.

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