Share product experiences & win Aaram Badges.

Not only is AaramShop a convenient and a stress-free way to shop for your everyday essentials, it makes shopping more fun along the way. As you browse through the massive listing of brands and products across the 32 product categories, stop and share your product specific experiences not just on AaramShop for fellow shoppers to view, but also on your facebook page to share your love of specific brands with your friends and to inform them of what you are buying. Please do spread the aaram!!

You should know that your thumbs up (or down) and positive experience reviews goes a long way in the order of listing of products across all categories on AaramShop - you opinion counts on AaramShop.

Also share your views and experiences on shopping with your Preferred AaramShop, enabling other shoppers to make an informed decision based on unbiased and true opinions.

And every time you take time out to write a review or purchase a product you end up collecting points which allow you to win Aaram Badges.

Merchants and brands would like to leverage on your experiences shared via the AaramShop platform to fine-tune their offerings and to engage, and retain customers and audiences.

You can start contributing to the shoppers’ knowledge as soon as you register yourself on AaramShop.

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