Are FMCG/CPG brands frustrating customers online?

One of the things that FMCG marketers in the digital arena are significantly emphasizing is their endeavor in charting out effective & result oriented marketing tactics for their brands. Things have changed from GOG(gang of girls) days. Today even the less "digital savvy marketer on the block," does'nt shrug his shoulder, but with astute confidence, presents his brand plan: at least a 50 slider brand journey anchored by the Internet.

The key metric to measure this endeavor being :

1)No.of likes on FB and likes
2)Community strength and quali based transactions happening on the campaign environment (downloads, games...)
3)No of registrations, click through s etc
4)and plethora of other analytic jargon to mesmerize stiff upper lipped audience

Whatever be the ultimate campaign objective, it is important to ensure that customer in the online environment doesn't travel the path to frustration too often.As a digital campaign enthusiast i would love share with you one such disaster that i bumped on to recently-a shampoo campaign where the promise was to deliver the "clicker" free sachets.

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AaramShop not only has the ability to hybrid the above features in a seamless manner but also lays down a delivery mechanism of the most important phase of communication-
"bagging the brand/product." As we test this mechanism in the beta launch scheduled early June this year, we will be sharing with you insights on consumer's as well as channel's involvement in this process.

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