Is Your Job Stressful? Tips for Beating Office Stress

With the economy the way it is, most people are grateful to have a paycheck. While the paycheck can provide you the lifestyle you are accustomed to, it may have some extra burdens attached to it, too. A recent study showed that 31 percent of the labor force consider their jobs “stressful.” Those most at risk for having a high stress job were women and people who work in management. Looks like the old adage was correct: “more money, more problems.”

Of those that considered their jobs stressful, the majority of them were women. Another point is that workers with strained marriages were more likely to classify their jobs as stressful. Their problems from home were likely to follow them to the office. Management also had a difficult time handling stress, whereas those who were just employees stated that their jobs were less stressful due to having fewer demands.

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