Managing stress at work

A recent survey claimed that between 53 – 66% of workers felt stress occurred in their workplace (it varied according to the size of the workplace). This suggests that managing stress at work is an important skill.
  • Identify what causes you to feel stressed at work. Is it the work itself, your boss, particular colleagues?
  • How much are you contributing to your own feeling through having unrealistic expectations of yourself or others?
  • Avoid accepting unrealistic deadlines and demands.
  • Even if you are under a lot of pressure at work ? ask yourself, "Is this the most important thing in my life?"
  • Learn to take breaks, whether to just chat with a colleague, go to the canteen or have a walk.
  • Go home at a sensible time – "There is no record of anyone, on their deathbed, saying "I wish I'd spent more time at the office"".
  • Spend time with colleagues or friends who can help you feel more relaxed!
  • If all else fails – leave before it makes you ill!!

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