Here is a place in Goa that we highly recommend.

Art Escape in Goa
Are you looking to unwind and getaway from the city life that’s draining the vivacity and energy out of you?

Do you yearn to let go, let loose and try something new for a change but could never find the time or the right opportunity? 

Well that’s where Art Escape fits in! 

We highly recommend this unique destination in Goa- it is well packaged & offers the visitors a number of workshops to learn and appreciate finer things in life, starting with eco-friendly living. (they are also priced so that you don't have to sell your car to be there:-)

A laid back experience that we highly recommend - more so because it is created & nurtured by a great bunch of guys.

Check out their page on Facebook & their website for the various activities that are planned @ Art Escape.


Deepa Mehta said...

Hey, thanks for sharing this... do you guys have any idea on the charges and availability or do we need to call these guys.

Aaram Shop said...

Hi Deepa, We would request you to get in touch with the guys at Art Escape directly for specific details.

Our objective is to recommend great "de-stressers" :-)

Deepa said...

Thanks, will do. & thanks for sharing this one.