Which date works for you?

We are sure that anyone who has ever tried to schedule a meeting or an event has had to do a fair bit (in lots of cases an extreme bit) of running around to get folks to agree on a date that works for all. Agreeing on a meeting date / time can be more stressful & time-consuming than the meeting itself.

While there are a few solutions within your email system - we recently came across a simple yet effective solution which address the problem that plagues work places across the world - and like all the other recommendations that we do - this one is free to use as well. :-)

WhichDateWorks.com takes the hassle out of planning, and we loved the simplicity with which the complex & time-consuming issue has been addressed. Hats off to the team that has put this together. Use it and let is know what you think. 

You should know: all recommendations that we make are out of sheer love of taking away stress from our daily lives be it at home or at work, and to bring much needed aaram into our lives. AaramShop has no commercial interests behind any recommendations that we make on this blog, and if you know of any good stuff that should be highlighted here, do write to us.

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