You click they deliver.

Came across this note recently, obviously written by a much harassed parent, and thought it would worth sharing:

"" I have been a fool.

I admit it.

I’ve routinely pushed nearly 200 pounds worth of children plus the weight of a week’s groceries in a shopping cart. With beads of sweat on my furrowed brow, I’ve trudged aisle-after-aisle. 
Inside…underneath…on the sides…it was my mission to cram something…cram everything into each nook and cranny of the shopping cart. Not to mention my back creaking and straining -especially when I had to turn the cart around.

By now you’re probably wondering why I titled this article “I Have Been a Fool.” The scenario above is unpleasant -maybe even dreadful, but foolish? Short of growing my own food, going grocery shopping (sometimes with kids in tow) has been just about inevitable. No mother can consider herself exempt from periodically undertaking this pilgrimage.

At least that used to be the case…""

Now there is relief in form of AaramShop

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