Managing stress for a healthy family.

Children model their parents’ behaviors, including those related to managing stress. Parents who deal with stress in unhealthy ways risk passing those behaviors on to their children. Alternatively, parents who cope with stress in healthy ways can not only promote better adjustment and happiness for themselves, but also promote the formation of critically important habits and skills in children.

Parents know that changing a child’s behavior, let alone their own, can be challenging. By taking small, manageable steps to a healthier lifestyle, families can work toward meeting their goals to be psychologically and physically fit.

Read a few tips on how you can alter you lifestyle for it to be less stressful here. 

And of course one of the simple yet effective ways of managing your stress is to cut back on the numerous tasks which eat into your "family" time - and one of them is your grocery shopping. Use the ease of online grocery shopping to free yourself for at least a few hours a week. Try it now

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