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Sparrows & Ravi & Kartik
Ravi & Kartik, the super talented father son duo, recently published their refreshing novel which is a call to action: to live every day joyously like the sparrows but evolve our tomorrows by chasing our dreams and not giving them up just because a rat race is more comfortable. Survive we all will, because it is no big deal. 

A must read novel for all the deadline chasing folks.

Here are some excerpts from our recent chat with Ravi (the talented dad :-))
AS: What is the central theme of your book & why? 

Ravi:  The book is a fast paced adventure about a journey without money and belongings, in an attempt to make people shed their insecurities about the future. It is about metamorphosing into what we are really meant to be rather than lead a life for the sake of others or merely conform to what the society wants us to be. The Quest of the Sparrows also takes up why spirituality is a practical concept that helps us not only to experience joy but evolve to the next level, effortlessly. It demonstrates, rather than preach through interesting incidents that lead to amazing insights.
The sparrow is a referral point in the book. Though placed in the lower rungs of the evolutionary ladder compared to a human being, it lives each day joyously and never hoards for the future. In comparison, human beings are much more intelligent, capable, aware and conscious. Yet, not only do they hoard much more than they need, they lead unhappy lives. It is sad that most of human beings do nothing more significant than a sparrow.
Survival cannot be the only goal of our life. We are here to evolve and excel in whatever we do and that can happen only if we are connected to our self and live in accordance with the principles of spirituality.
Our novel is a call to action: to live every day joyously like the sparrows and simply be ourselves to evolve our tomorrows. Survive we all will, because it is no big deal.

AS: Is your book a reflection of your life and its learning?

Ravi:  Yes to a large extent. Kartik and I believe in being true to our selves. We strive to be spontaneous and do things because we love to do them, rather than think of what the ‘pay off’ would be, or how it will be perceived by the society. The result of this spontaneous living is the book! Yes it is inspired by the lives of many people around us but tweaked the incidents a bit to make it an interesting read. I am glad that I left a ‘lucrative’ but dead government job to follow my inner calling and we could come up with a living creation like this. One that we feel will inspire many sparrows to begin their journey in evolution.

AS: The humble sparrow's life vs a busy executives lifestyle - what can we learn?

Ravi: Sparrows are doing what nature programmed them to do. We human beings are free to do whatever we want. But we barter our freedom for covetous jobs, position, professions that might be good from a society point of view but not for our spirit. We willingly lock ourselves in golden cages.
Joy comes from doing things you love. If there is a large difference between our profession and passion, then everyday will seem busy, stressful and a struggle. Do we busy ourselves with cricket or golf? No we enjoy the game! So if we reduce the difference between our profession and passion, bring it nearer to zero, then our work doesn’t seem like work but it becomes a sport. Each day flies in a jiffy and we are happy. So if your life seems a struggle then try to find the underlying reason.
Face yourself and the answers you get. Start flowing effortlessly towards them. Solutions have a way of turning up all by themselves provided you are looking for them.
Stop being busy, start being happy. Just be your self!

While you can buy the novel from here, you can also engage with Ravi on his site.


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Thanks for sharing this. Is the book available in London?

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