How to Reduce Relationship Stress & Family Stress.

Reducing relationship stress is easier when we follow a few simple guidelines. Learn how to increase harmony and cooperation in family life.

We’ve been married over 35 years and most of it has been quite happy.

So based on our experience, here are some ways to reduce family and relationship stress:
  1. Relationships are like a garden. They can give you years joy. But they have to be watered, tended and nourished.
  2. Be realistic. There is no such thing as a perfect relationship because there is no such thing as a perfect person (much less two of them).
  3. Recognize that the real source of our happiness is always within ourselves. Never expect some other person to "make you happy".
  4. Don’t talk about money after dark.
  5. Don’t raise burning issues when the other person is hot, tired, stressed, hungry or working to meet an imminent deadline.

Of course our simple suggestion is to spend time together "quality time with the family" rather than get stressed out trying to manage various "tasks" - and to that effect give AaramShop a try - 0% exhaustion 100% ease.

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