Be a Travel Survivor

The best way to deal with travel stress, is to recognise that it can be stressful and to prepare yourself before you start a journey. A few simple measures can turn travelling into an opportunity rather than a crisis – then, the time you spend travelling will have fewer bad effects and more beneficial ones. 

The problem with travel is that there are so many things which can go wrong that are out of our control. We all know what it is like to sit in a traffic jam because a set of traffic lights has broken down. And who has not been held up at an airport, waiting for a plane that has been held up by fog, a storm or a strike?Even the simplest journey can be blighted by roadworks and, especially for those of us who live in towns and cities, commuting or taking the children to school can become a major source of stress. In fact, for many of us, travel is just another word for stress.

In ‘Symptoms of stress’, we looked at how evolution has equipped the human body to respond to a crisis. All the stress mechanisms fire up at once and our aggression rises ready for fight or flight. If you sit in a traffic jam with little hope of it clearing quickly, frustration can bubble over causing you to fight because you cannot run away. Read more

Here are few tips to reduce stress while traveling

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