Celebrate New Year Stress Free and with Laughter

New year is an wonderful occasion, when we welcome something new in our lives and at the same time, forget about all the bad memories, which the passing year gave us.

We wish you all a scintillating and stress free New Year with lots of fun. 
Here are some tips to adopt stress free life:
Stress relief with humor is an effective remedy technique for a very serious workplace problem.
Recent statistics show that
- 58% of people say the number one source of stress is their job
- 46% say their jobs are very stressful
- 46% said their lives are unbalanced
A new medical study found that workplace stress was deemed to be more dangerous than a lack of exercise.
Two of the most effective and least costly techniques to manage stress are humor and laughter. When we can see the absurdity in what causes us stress, we can effectively manage it with humor and laughter.
Humor and laughter help us deal with the negative side effects of stress. The effects of a good laugh can last up to 24 hours.
It is a matter of taking our jobs seriously, but taking ourselves lightly.
Here are some strategies you can adopt

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