How men and women deal with stress differently

Men and women are different. We just are. Our bodies are obviously different; our behavior is different; and as it turns out, our brains are different, too.
Why would God create us to be so different?
He wanted each of the sexes to face the other, so we could discover our strengths and our weaknesses. Facing ourselves -- being open and honest about our differences -- is an unnerving undertaking. 

Yet denying our differences ultimately accounts for our undoing.

Understanding the different ways men and women think and feel about life helps us more accurately interpret what is really going on in our marriages. How a person views the world affects how they interpret things. Imagine a Martian watching an election on Earth. The Martian would think the human beings were simply putting pieces of paper in little tin boxes. A politician of the time might view it as a very tense election in progress, one that affects his livelihood. Your perspective colors your understanding of what is happening. And it will ultimately govern your responses. Read more

Hilarious video about how men and women think differently

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