Love is Stress Management Tool

Happy Valentine Day! to all the people who are in love. 

Love is thought to be an involuntary, deep and intensely pleasant feeling and it's pleasantly satisfying expression in a variety of actions. The experience of love is intense and enthralls our entire existence. Love is inevitable and life without love is too baron to be called life!
There is no doubt that love is one of the most potent forces on earth. As powerful as it is, it is as difficult to explain. Really, there is no absolute definition that stands for all. On a basic level, love is an affectionate "warm" emotion that we experience for others whether it's pets, relatives, plants or trees. When we engage in love and affection for people, places and things, it can have a transforming and fortifying effect on us.

Would you believe that love is also a tremendous stress management tool? The more love you experience, then the more stable will be your personal grounding in life, your foundation. The more stable your foundation, the more you will be able to withstand good stress and eliminate bad stress. Love is a powerful, healing, fortifying emotion that is abundant throughout your life. 
You can cultivate your love experiences by being fully involved in them, honoring them by acknowledging them and being honest in them. It could be your spouse or your pet, give them time and attend to what they indicate their need. Part of the power of love is sharing and these are 3 ways you can maintain good relationships: Read more

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