The Secret to Dealing With Elderly Parents - Allow Them to Have Independence!

One of the biggest struggles we all face while dealing with elderly parents is the debate surrounding their independence. How much independence is safe? How do we explain to them that they are not able to do the things they used to? These are all questions that haunt people who are trying to care for their own parents. And it is not an easy situation to be in. After all, these elderly people who need your care were once your support system and it can be extremely difficult to turn the tables.

One of the most common ways to satisfy everyone when dealing with elderly parents is to build an in-law or granny suite that is adjacent to the family's main home. This is a great option, and works incredibly well for many families across the country. The reason for this success is simple. Those who are elderly can still maintain a certain amount of independence while still having the support and supervision of caregivers and their families. 

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