Ways To Get Off The Phone

Treading on Twitter today is and we picked up some of the best solutions suggested. :-) Happy Hanging!
  1. Hang up while your talking to make it seem like you lost signal.
  2. Hang up, turn your phone off and say it went outta battery.
  3. Crumple some paper near the speaker end and then hang up.
  4. Hanging up then texting them asking why they hung up
  5. Get silent for like 20 seconds ( while they are screaming hello, hello ) THEN HANG UP
  6. Talk to Everyone in The Background..
  7. My phone dying, I don't know how much longer I- *click*
  8. Hello! Hello! Hello! I cant hear you! Hello! *Cuts Line* Then *Evil Laugh* (SEND TEXT, WAT HAPPENED?)
  9. Hang up and then text them and be like "what happened?
  10. Take ur finger n press dat lil red button. It magically disconnects the call. It's called technology.

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