Meditations to Cope with Grief and Stress

Meditation is the process of controlling and transcending the waves of the mind, allowing the flow of radiance from the soul. Meditation is for everyone. It uses the inherent self-sensory system, the mind, and the body. Through the use of refined patterns, meditation creates a communication between you and your mind, and between your mind and your body. Meditations which use mantra work on the upper palate of the mouth, which controls the autonomic system and the impulsations of the old brain (hypothalamus) and limbic systems.

Meditation ...
  • Develops the Neutral (Meditative) Mind.
  • Takes us from a finite to an Infinite perception of reality, by connecting us to the clarity of the soul.
  • Promotes a sense of well-being, inner peace, stability, and calm.
  • Develops the intuition.
  • Releases reactions and unconscious habits, subconscious fears and blocks, and builds the spontaneous and intuitive link to awareness itself. Read more.. 

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