12 Tips for a Stress Free Prom

Teenagers look forward to attending their school prom. These tips help you create a stress-free prom experience, even with all of the preparation involved. The key strategy is planning ahead. It takes time to find the right dress, make plans to attend with the right group of friends and create the right schedule of events. This springtime event has plenty of details to address so the best advice we have is to make some checklists so nothing is forgotten. With prepared lists, you can handle one task at a time over a few months and prepare to enjoy a memorable stress-free prom event.
Here is our advice for your teenager to prepare for a stress-free prom.

Decide Who is Going with You.

For a successful stress-free prom, choose to attend with friends whom you can trust, have fun and with whom you will stay safe. Don’t speeding while driving; don’t indulge in drugs; no alcohol. Number one concern besides having fun is staying safe. Make thoughtful decisions regarding the location of the after party, the transportation methods for the different event locations. To make certain that the prom experience is a pleasant memory, don’t ruin things by making irresponsible choices. Good decisions are possible with careful planning. Here is a list for your use. Read more....

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