Dealing With the Stress of Bad News and Good News

Horrendous things happen every second on this planet. People and animals are harmed, or even killed. Plants are going extinct. Property is destroyed. Natural disasters wreak havoc. People become homeless, lose their loved ones, or become permanently disabled. The list of awful things that can happen is endless. Seeing or hearing news about things that seem bad can be very stressful. It can cause feelings of powerlessness, panic, anxiety, sadness, anger, and fear. Understanding your reaction to bad things will help you find a place of peace inside, regardless of what is happening around the world.

The first thing to realize is that all form is impermanent. People die. Animals die. Buildings will all eventually crumble to the ground. Even mountains are in a continual state of eroding back into the earth. There is no form that exists that will not some day be destroyed. It is the way of form. As humans, this is hard for us to understand. We want life to be predictable, safe, humane, and everlasting. We suffer when we lose things that we love, that keep us safe and comfortable, and that we are familiar with.

The painful emotions that you feel when something bad happens, even if you are not directly affected by it, are due to feelings of powerlessness over, and attachment to, form. Your ego wants form to remain. It wants your loved ones never to die, your home to never burn to the ground, and for bad things to not happen. This is not the way of our world, though, and to fight it with negative feelings only makes you feel bad and has no direct affect on keeping bad things from happening. Read more...

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