Housekeeping Tips for Less Stress: Reduce the Stress of Housekeeping and Life

Most people don’t’ realize how much clutter causes stress, but it’s true that living in a mess can drain you of time, energy, and even money, creating significant amounts of additional stress. Unfortunately, a cluttered home is the norm. In fact, according to a poll on this site, most people live in a level of clutter that can cause additional stress. But while stressed, overscheduled people have little time to clean, given the value of having your home as a sanctuary from stress, as well as what you save by being organized, it makes sense to keep your house clean. The key is to be smart about cleaning, and clean in a way that causes little additional stress, or actually helps you reduce stress while you clean. The following low-stress housekeeping tips can help you do both:

Tip 1: Put On Some Music:

There are many proven benefits of music for stress relief, and music is even used to promote wellness in the form of music therapy. Music can actually calm you down or energize you, depending on what type of music you choose. You can harness the stress relieving and energy-inducing powers of music to help your cleaning efforts, so that you’re actually less stressed (or at least no more stressed and tired) when you’re finished, plus you’ll get a boost from the great feelings you get from your cleaner space.

Tip 2: Pare Down and Organize:

Toss or donate everything that you don’t need or love. Find a place for everything that’s left, so it’ll be easier to clean up. And don’t buy new things unless you absolutely need them. These simple guidelines will leave you with less stuff to clutter up your space, and make cleaning quicker and easier. Read more...

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