How to Pamper Yourself to Reduce Stress

Stress is the feeling you get when faced with a challenge resulting in not having the appropriate tools to manage all the demands of life. A few of the things that cause stress can be a job, family problems, divorce, marriage or death.

Some of the signs to look for that would indicate you have stress are headache, short temper, irritability, lack of focus or energy, depressed mood, poor eating habits, poor self esteem, upset stomach or general aches and pains.

Long term health problems can arise from stress without relief such as obesity, acne and skin disorders, depression, anxiety, high blood pressure and heart irregularities and stomach or digestive problems.

Stress can be relieved one way by taking time to pamper yourself with relaxation. We can't change all the stressors in our lives but, we can learn how to let go of those things and do something to help ourselves feel better. Follow these tips to learn how to pamper yourself routinely and reduce the ill effects of stress and to improve your overall health and wellness. Read more...

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