How to Stay on Target with Smart Goals

One important reason for goal setting is that it provides us with direction and purpose. When we set goals, we identify what we want to achieve and then, have the ability to focus on a single target or destination. How many times have you gotten in your car and just started driving with no chosen destination? Chances are that when you get into your car, you need to go somewhere–you know where you are going, and how you are going to get there. Goals are no different. Without goals you have no sense of direction and no sense of purpose.
Goals are subdivided into steps that are part of an action plan to help you reach your destination. As part of your time management strategy, planning and goal setting help you set priorities. Goals need to be meaningful, methodical and action oriented. To craft goals, I suggest that you use the acronym “SMART”. SMART Goals stand for Specific; Measurable; Attainable & Action-Oriented; Relevant; and Tangible. The best SMART goals are short-term targets that involve things that are under your direct control. SMART goals can help you climb the ladder of success step-by-step, but you still need to keep your eyes focused on your broader dreams so that you methodically move in the right direction and do not find yourself off course. Read more...

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