Stress Reducers for Moms- How to enjoy the Summer

It’s Summer! The kids are home, family parties are planned and the warm weather is forcing you to show more bare skin than you like. Your stress level rises to an all-time high. What you really need are some great ways to deal with stress and time management tips to help you cope with the seasonal activities. Often, summer stress is an unwanted consequence for many of your plans. From graduation parties, to family reunions, to entertaining kids all day to donning a bathing suit–summer can bring with it an unexpected level of stress. Since summer stress is extremely common, let’s identify some stress reducers and some time management tips that can help you deal with your days ahead. Lets find some strategies for you to be able to take a much needed break from time to time and maybe even enjoy a nap in a hammock!!

Stress Reducers and Time Management Tips for Dealing with Summer Stress
1. The Kids are Ever-Present.
Summer provides parents and their kids with a break from the school routine of homework, class projects, fund raisers and school lunches. But with kids have 3 months off from school, parents often find themselves combating kid-boredom that sets in all too quickly. Sibling spats can lead to tension and bickering. Houses often seem as though a tornado has hit and the door seems to constantly be swinging open and shut as kids run in and out grabbing another cookie, juice box or visiting the potty once again. A mother may feel she can’t keep up and can’t stay ahead of the laundry, food supply or house cleaning. Here are some stress reducers for mom: Read more...

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