10 Ways to Show your Child Love

It seems like these days everyone is always rushing around, working late, and struggling to cross things off a to-do list. Not surprisingly, this go-go-go mindset makes it’s hard for parents to meaningfully connect with their children.  One way parents can nurture this relationship with their children is to express love in tangible ways.  If you’re looking to foster connection and demonstrate love, consider implementing these 10 things into your day.
  1. Give her random hugs.  Showing affection to your child is one way to connect with her on a physical level.  Kids need a soft place to fall, and knowing that that place is with you will go a long way to make your relationship a close one. Dole out hugs often. Doing so can lead to a healthier and more emotionally well balanced child according to Dacher Keltner, a professor of Psychology at Berkley.
  2. Put notes in her lunch.  When she is young, having a smiley face or some other sticker in her lunch is a fun surprise to find.  Once she gets older and is able to read, you can send along notes of encouragement for an upcoming test or audition.  Notes are an easy way to let her know that you are thinking about her.
  3. Surprise her with a small gift.  There’s something about being surprised with a small gift that makes the occasion special.  Gifts on holidays or birthdays might be expected, but a gift just because it’s Tuesday is a fun way to say, “I love you.” Read more. 

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