Eight Anger Management Strategies that Parents Can Teach Their Teens

As teenagers grow up, they face increased pressure and more responsibilities. Coping with these new challenges can be extremely difficult, and many teens express their frustration or stress as anger. Through open communication and modeling appropriate reactions, parents can help their teenagers to manage this anger and respond to it in a healthy, productive way.
Evaluate the logic of the reaction. Talk though a situation to help the teen decide if the situation is really something worth getting angry about. This is also a great opportunity to brainstorm other ways to handle the situation effectively and appropriately. The key here is to turn the anger into something constructive.
Help teens to identify anger triggers. Once they know what makes them angry, they can find ways to avoid them or to build a better tolerance of them. Keeping an anger journal can be a useful technique for identifying triggers; a teen who keeps an anger journal can look back over past entries, to look at behavior trends.
Reiterate that it is acceptable for teens to remove themselves from extremely frustrating situations. It takes considerable self control for a teen to walk away from something that makes him or her angry, and this self control is a skill that parents can model. Strategies like counting to ten or going to a “safe place” can be useful. It is also important for a parent to inform teachers if a child is using these strategies. Read more...

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