How to Effectively De-Clutter

There are many books and even websites dedicated to helping you de-clutter your home, but there are some basic steps that work well:
  1. Going room by room, divide your things into four boxes: things to donate, things to throw away, things to keep, and things to store. If you don’t need it or love it, consider getting rid of it.
  2. Go through your box of things to keep and find a place for everything. Make it a logical place that’s in the same area where it’ll need to be used. For example, keep keys by the door.
  3. Finish one room before moving on to the next.
Organize What’s Left: As you find places to keep what you’re keeping, be sure that you’re storing things in a way that makes sense and looks nice. For example, kids’ toys can be stored very neatly in tubs, which provide quick cleanup and keep toy clutter out of sight. Getting drawer organizers for your bathrooms and kitchen can keep drawers from overflowing with extra items. Having a filing system for papers makes it easy to put them away and find them when you need them. Putting a little extra effort into organizing your things now will save you time in cleaning up and maintaining order for years to come. Read more...

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