How To Respond To Your Spouse’s Midlife Crisis

If your spouse is going through a midlife crisis, is having an affair or has ask for a divorce more than likely you are feeling out of control. You are unsure how to respond and react to your spouse’s midlife crisis or what to do next in your life.
It is essential for you to know that nothing you do or say will help your spouse snap out of it or become the loving spouse you once new. There are things you can do and say that will help you navigate the choppy waters of your spouse’s midlife crisis though. Things that will mean you maintaining your equilibrium and living fully in spite of their crisis.
When a spouse goes into midlife crisis, you must face some painful truths. The odds are against you saving your relationship with your spouse. That doesn’t mean you have to give up hope, people beat the odds daily. What it does mean is that the life you choose to live at this time of crisis should be one you enjoy and wish to continue whether your marriage survives or not.
Below are a few suggestions to help you react to your spouse’s midlife crisis in a way that will keep you from spinning out of control with him/her: 
Make Changes:
Make changes that you feel will make you a better person. If you have issues that need to be worked on, work on those issues. Don’t get stuck focusing on your spouse’s issues and trying to figure out ways to help him/her deal with those issues. Expend energy in a place you know you will get a return on the energy expended…on yourself.
Paul and his wife Sandy had been married 23 years when Sandy’s midlife crisis began. Paul, being a smart fella realized that there were problems in the marriage that Sandy had been unhappy with for years. He had ignored her “nagging” because he felt Sandy was over-reacting to what he saw as minor problems in the marriage. Read more...

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