Maintaining Friendships for Stress Relief, Happiness and Longevity

Friends add a wonderful dimension to our lives: they help us celebrate the good times, and they help us make it through the tough times. Having a strong, supportive social network has been associated with lower levels of stress, increased longevity, and greater levels of happiness. Learn more about the value of social support, and find resources for developing a stronger friendship network, with the following articles:
  • How To Create Supportive Relationships: All social support is not created equal. Here is what you need to know to create mutually supportive, enduring, truly healthy friendships that will bring you support, opportunity for personal growth, and stress management benefits. Find out why it's important to develop listening skills, your intuition, assertiveness, and other skills that can pay off with increased social support, healthy friendships, and a sense of belonging.

  • How To Cultivate A Supportive Circle of Friends: Numerous research studies have shown that supportive friendships can provide emotional help during stressful times and even improve our health and increase longevity. Learn the numerous stress management and health benefits a circle of friends provides, and discover how to begin expanding your number of supportive friendships.

  • Assertive Communication: Assertiveness is a skill that not only helps with marriage and interpersonal relationships, but can reduce stress and help you attain more balance at home, at work and in life. Learn more about assertiveness, aggressiveness and passivity, and see how assertiveness training can improve your life. Read more...

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