Worrying state of Teens under stress

Teenagers are likely to experience stress as adults. Teen stress arises when teenagers face a situation which they think it to be impossible to manage within their physical and emotional resources.

Common causes of teen stress

Young people can become stressed for many reasons. Since a large part of teenage life revolves around school and home, most of the causes of Teen stress also originate at school or home. There are lots of types of teen stress. Similarly there are several causes of teen stress. Most of them face emotional stress due to the any or some of the following reasons:
  • The pressure of expectations from self and from others
  • The pressure at school from teachers, coaches,
  • The pressures due to grades and homework
  • Strained relationship with classmates
  • Strained relationship with parents/siblings
  • Physical and biological changes in the body during adolescence
  • Negative feelings about oneself/low self-esteem
  • Heated arguments with or between parents
  • Financial problems in the family
  • Tragedy in the family (e.g. death, divorce, cancer, AIDS)
  • Break up with boyfriend/girlfriend
  • Separation or divorce of parents
  • High crime rate in the living environment/neighborhood
  • Moving to a new surroundings
  • Changing to a new school
  • Horrifying societal events like 9/11 terrorist attacks or communal war
Teenage stress and teen types
 Techniques to manage and control teen stress

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