8 Ways to Reduce Stress at Work

Stressed employees dread coming into the office each day. These workers are often distracted and produce substandard work. Workers can use several strategies to reduce their stress levels and work more effectively.
Take a Walk
Frequent walks around the office space can help workers reduce their stress. These can be short walks to chat with a co-worker or long walks to the local deli for lunch. Exercise is a great way to release pent-up energy and help distract the brain from work-related problems. Walking also encourages the release of endorphins, which can help to improve an individual’s mood. A quick exercise session is a great way to give the brain a break from thinking too hard.
Invest in a Stress Toy
Stressed employees can try a variety of stress toys for relief from the pressures at work. Common stress toys include squeeze toys and stress balls. These toys work quite simply; one just needs to squeeze the toy repeatedly to release stress. Stress toys might not be ideal in all working environments, but employees who use them responsibly can benefit from the effects.
Cubicle Decorations
A well-decorated cubicle can reduce a worker’s stress level by providing something visually appealing for the eyes and brain to concentrate on. Interesting cubicles help an employee to feel more comfortable and at ease. Creative decorations can even help a worker feel more inspired to think of new ideas. Common office space decorations include family pictures, colorful calendars and flowering plants.Read more

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