Building a Good Relationship With Your Children: Good Parenting

Building a strong, lasting relationship with your children begins when they are young.  Kids value any amount of time a parent can spend with them.  It doesn't matter what you do exactly, just that you do it together and that you pay attention to them while you do it.  
When they are very young, they begin to form the memories that will stay with them all their life.  These memories can be the result of a tradition, something you and your children do as a family more than once.  One of the memories I have of my childhood is Friday nights because on Friday night, every Friday night, my parents would rent a movie we could all watch together and a movie they would watch after we went to bed and we would order pizza from Pizza Hut.  The pizza was always a sausage and mushroom thin crust.  I warmly remember all of us gathered in the family room, my parents snuggled together on the long couch, my brother and I lying on the floor, all watching a movie together, sharing the laughs and heart aches together as we also shared the pizza.  It gave me a sense of belonging, of being an important part of my family.  It made me feel closer to them.  All these years later, I still remember the feeling of solidarity, of being a part of a close family.  
Now not all memories have to be the result of a long standing tradition.  Even if a family outing or family event only occurs a handful of times, a child will remember it as a fond memory and will probably feel as though it occurred more often than it actually did. Read more...

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