Find Fast Stress Relief With These Simple Techniques

When you experience chronic or excessive stress, your body stays in “stress mode”, with elevated stress hormones, tension in your body, and other physical changes that accompany the stress response. Fortunately, there are some relatively simple ways you can relax your body and mind quickly, reducing tension right away and protecting your body from the damage of long-term stress. The following resources provide quick relief from stress so you can feel better right away.
  • Top 10 Tension Reducing Activities: Here are 10 simple activities to choose from, such as guided imagery or yoga, each providing relatively quick and easy stress relief. These are among the best available and are most often recommended.
  • Create a Spa in Your Home: A great way to reduce stress is to take a long soak in the tub. This article shows you how to infuse a simple soak with maximum stress-relieving properties, such as aromatherapy and other soothers for your senses. Take care of your body and your spirit with these simple, easy strategies.
  • Stress Relievers You Tried as a Child: These strategies—drawing, napping, and eight more-- are so easy a child could do them—and you probably did at one point! Unfortunately, we sometimes forget these natural, soothing stress relievers as we become stressed adults. Hearken back to the carefree times of your youth with these fun stress relievers.
  • Stress Reliever Word Game: This fun, free online game is played like “Hangman”, but the words you decode are all stress relief strategies! (Once you guess the answer, you can do a search of the site for additional information on each.) Playing the game is a stress reliever in itself, but it also supplies you with ideas for further stress relief. It’s fun and educational! Read more...


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