Help keep the neighbourhood retailer vibrant. Join in.

We all have a couple of neighborhood stores that we frequent. The store-owners work hard to retain our trust & business and are willing to go that extra mile to meet our needs.

Here is an opportunity to help them back. Especially with the scare of FDI and its impact on the friendly neighborhood retailers.

Recommend to us your favorite neighborhood grocer or pharmacist and we will work with them to create a web-front for the store and enable it as an AaramShop. 
This will ensure that the store can service you and other customers better, stay competitive & relevant & be future ready. Best of all its FREE. The store will join a growing community of over 3000 AaramShops across 27 Indian cities.

Why do it? Consider it your good deed to help a local business grow & thrive. After all it is your neighborhood. 

Just share the number & name of your neighborhood store and we will take it from there.

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