How To Deal With A Rebellious Teen

Is your little angel quickly turning into a rebellious teen? Although it’s not unusual for kind, compliant children to morph into screaming, moody balls of hormones, that doesn’t make them any easier to live with. A teenager is a lot like a two-year-old with car keys – but where a toddler is learning how to be a child, your teenager is learning how to be an independent adult. It is this in-between stage that can be difficult as your rebellious teenager tries to decide who he or she is. There are many ways of dealing with rebellious teens, and some methods work better than others. Find out how to deal with your rebellious teen and learn to understand his or her behavior.

They have mood swings and go from the sweet, loving child you remember to a snarling monster in seconds. Authority is the enemy, and parents are numbers one and two on that list. Sound familiar? Although every person is different, there are some characteristics that are common among rebellious teens.

Rebellious teenagers can cause difficulties in their own lives and their behavior often affects the entire family. Because they are trying to find their place in the adult world, teens tend to push the limits that are set for them and often despair if they do not excel. Some experts even diagnose this as a disorder called Oppositional Defiance Disorder (ODD). Read more...

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