Social Networks: The Key To A Stress-free Life For Mothers?

Babies or teenagers, children require focus, commitment and a lot of energy. For mum and dad, they don’t always come naturally every day. As the family grows, so do the challenges to keep it together. Often, it’s mum who organises the family.
A closer look into today’s social networking sites tells us that there is help at hand, and a lot more than anyone could have predicted some 7 years ago when networks really became social. Facebook for example, succeeded in bringing together friends and businesses in a dynamic online environment where information can be exchanged easily and where relationships can be built.
There’s more. The Connection with friends and business creates a context to family life, a safety-net in times of struggle or immediate need. A well nurtured network could prepare you for almost anything and catch you when you fall.
A message, wall scribble or live feed post with question: “…anyone out there who knows how to get mud stains out of a white sweater?” will probably generate a few instant and useful responses and that warm feeling that comes with it.
In my opinion, that warm feeling is equally important to the practical benefits of a social network. It’s the sense of belonging to a group of people, the sharing of good times and bad times, the sense of virtual closeness and trust that can really support a parent.
I have seen parents let off steam about the horrendous day they’ve had with their 2 year old who wouldn’t eat his peas and I have seen parents check in to their networks in between family duties just to counterbalance domestic life with ‘outside’, adult contact. Read more...

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Reshmi V said...

You are absolutely right. I have been frequenting this new social networking site called Cafe4tune and have seen quite a few new moms, housewives a part of it. There is also a possibility that they are tired of using the same old sites, hence they are looking forward to new sites that are invading the Indian social media market, right?