Stress Management for Students

With many young adults experiencing an over-scheduled lifestyle, it' s no wonder that stress management for students is often an issue. Questions arise about how to handle the academic pressures, personal responsibilities and other living demands and still maintain a sense of sanity. In today’s society, education matters and the degrees, certificates or licenses can make the difference in the job you hold and the amount of salary you can command. With so much riding on your success in schooling, it is no wonder that student stress is an important topic. Here are three ways to manage the stress.

Create a Realistic Use of Time

Developing an accurate assessment of how your student spends the waking hours of the week gives an honest view of the time management challenges. Start with one week and create a written list of everything that has to be done. Listing all appointments, assignments, personal responsibilities, along with any employment obligations is an essential way to get a handle on how time is spent and what commitments are included in each week. Using effective time management strategies is one essential component when handling stress management for students.
We like to work from weekly schedules when designing a time management strategy because it represents a manageable chunk of time and activities that need to be addressed. However, looking at a bigger picture, some projects have many subparts and taking into account deadlines and responsibilities that may occur over the next month or two often have to be considered. A monthly planner is a good tool for that. The major concern is that the student not become overwhelmed by looking too far ahead and thinking that the amount of stuff to accomplish looks impossible to complete. Sometimes taking one step at a time is the best approach. Read more...

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