School Stress: Helping your Teen deal

With test scores, grades, and college admissions to worry about, teenagers’ anxiety can skyrocket, even if they are doing well in school. When your child is stressed out, try these tips to help get things back on track:
Be Organized
  • Help your child put together a schedule of activities suggests  Start with things that happen at fixed times (such as soccer practice) then fill in the open spaces with study time, piano practice, relaxation time, etc.
  • Schedule work time for big assignments that will take several days or weeks to complete.  This will help your student avoid having to cram a long-term project into a day or two, thereby reducing stress and giving him or her a better chance at a good grade.
  • Give your child an organized workspace. A messy desk or backpack can easily swallow up a homework assignment. The time spent separating schoolwork into subject folders, organizing school supplies, and throwing out what your student no longer needs will save loads of time (and worry) later on.
  • Set house rules for study time. Cell phones and televisions should be off, and the Internet used for research only. Make sure other family members honor these rules, since even a TV down the hall can be distracting for a student who’s trying to focus. Read more...

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