Strategies for Managing Employee Stress in the Workplace

Stress management at workplace is getting to be buzz word in corporate circles. A survey indicated that workplace stress costs the nation close to $300 billion each year in terms of health care, work absenteeism and rehabilitation. The management can no longer brush aside the ever increasing concern of stress management in workplace because it has become clear that mismanagement of this problem cuts deeply into profits and productivity.
Managers, now more than ever, are trying to find new ways for managing employee morale and stress. Stress management programs at work place, conducted by external consultancies or internal execs, are quite popular these days but the question remains – are they really effective at curbing the problem?
The depressing state of economy and employee stress are directly proportional in their relationship. How does a manager motivate his employees to be productive and efficient, while keeping their stress levels in control, especially when increased monetary benefits and compensation is not a viable option?
This article serves to provide a few effective strategies and tips for managers for managing stress at workplace.

Tips for Managers – Stress Management Strategies at Work Place

Developing empathy – Respect individual personality traits and quirks. No single human is the same as the other; the richness that comes up in any team is because of this difference, learn to appreciate it. Work optimally with what you have instead of trying to mould the employee according to your standards. You will find introverts, extroverts, optimistic as well as pessimistic employees in your team, don’t favor or alienate anyone for their personality traits. Get to know each employee personally and interact with them at a level which is comfortable for them. Read more...

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