Stress & How to Lower It

When you’re dealing with something challenging or upsetting, you might feel tense or stressed. You may have some good ways to deal with stress or may need help. This guide will give you more information about stress and what you can do about it.

What is stress?
When you’re stressed, you feel it in your body and mind. Here are some signs of stress:
  • Your heart beats faster
  • Your blood pressure goes up
  • Your muscles might tighten up
  • You may feel anxious
  • You may feel confused, or feel like you're moving too fast
  • Your stomach might feel knotted up
  • You might feel more irritable or get into arguments more easily
What causes stress in our lives?
We live in an interesting, but also a hectic world. Teens can have lots of sources of stress, including:
  • Lots of homework and projects at school
  • Family tension as you try to be more independent from your parents
  • Pressure from friends to do risky things
  • Tension with your girlfriend or boyfriend
  • Difficult people in your life
  • Upsetting news about disasters, war, or personal tragedy
  • Not getting enough sleep

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