How to Organize Your Workspace for Maximum Productivity

Gone are the days of disorganized cubicles adrift in a storm of paper, post-its, and mysteriously-missing staplers as we hopelessly wonder how to organize such a hot mess of hardware.
This is the 21st century! Luckily, we all now enjoy a totally paperless work environment, complete with ergonomic workspaces that support our spines and our productivity. Our desk tops and our desktops are clutter-free, everyone finishes projects ahead of schedule, and we all head to happy hour, arms linked in energetic merriment as we muse upon the wonder of another day’s work, fulfilled.
Wait a second…
Not quite there yet? Don’t worry, neither are we. But there are a few simple, cost-effective life hacks that will show you how to organize your workspace for maximum productivity, efficiency, and – dare we say it – enjoyment at work.
1. Ditch the Desk
Do you love your desk? Does it make you excited? Is it your ideal color, texture, and finish? Does it have enough drawers and shelving for everything you need? When considering how to organize your workspace, first make sure that the space you’re working with is ideal.
If you work in an office and the desk you’ve inherited isn’t cutting it, ask if there is anything better lying around. Better yet, head to Ikea and get yourself a new one. The company could reimburse you, or you can write the purchase off and take it with you when (if) you leave in the future. Read more...

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