Stress Remedies

There are lots of different stress techniques, strategies and proven natural remedies you can use to help you conquer stress, depression and anxiety quickly and permanently. Whilst it's a fact that no foods or supplements are able to provide a lasting cure, certain ones are beneficial. You're about to discover two really effective stress remedies that will also help with anxiety and depression that I found to be enormously beneficial and I'm sure they'll help you too.

1. Be Hydrated. It's funny but many sufferers are looking for various vitamins and supplements to help relieve stress, anxiety and depression yet they forget to do the best and easiest of all: to drink plenty of water. It is vital that your body has sufficient water to carry out of all the necessary functions efficiently. Yet an estimated seventy-five percent of people living in the United States don't drink enough water which causes mental exhaustion, fuzzy thinking and places stress on the body to function effectively. I've changed from drinking sodas to water. A daily intake of only 4 or 5 glasses of water along with the fluids supplied by your diet and other drinks will soon bring noticeable results. Cutting down on caffeine at the same time will also be really helpful.

2. Protect Mind And Body - A fatty acid that has proven to be beneficial is Omega 3. It can protect you from health problems such as stroke and heart disease, blood clotting, Alzheimer's disease and strengthen the immune system. When it comes to stress and anxiety, Omega 3 helps enormously because studies have demonstrated that it reduces hypertension. Omega 3 is found in extra virgin olive oil, oily fish such as herrings and swordfish and vegetables including lettuce and eggplant. You'll get the most benefit from extra virgin olive oil if you use it straight from the bottle, lubricating fresh salads, which I eat and enjoy four times each week. In Mediterranean countries, they use olive oil to moisten their bread which is another tasty way to get your Omega 3. And of course, you have the option of purchasing Omega 3 fish oil supplements if you prefer.Read more...

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