Calm yourself in stressful times: 4 new books

Four new books about yoga cover not just the nuts and bolts of how to practice, but the stories of how yoga led practitioners to very different lives.

Feeling fried after another long week at work? Or stressed out about being unemployed? One way to help yourself this weekend: Stretch out and take a deep breath. Here are some new books about yoga:
Pictures and guidelines: You might find yourself getting inspired by the beautiful photos and tips (example: Warrior II, broaden your arms, keep your front knee over your heel, keep your weight in your heel) in The Women's Health Big Book of Yoga by Kathryn Budig. In addition to the directions for more than 200 poses, you can find yoga postures that might help cure a hangover (the first 20 minutes make you sweat it out) and core-strengthening routines "for hotter, more satisfying sex." Another plus for a practice Read more...

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